Friday, February 8, 2013

leather work ?? - 55 (upper valley)

I just bought an old Louis Vuitton suitcase. It is not worth owning...except I have the idea of cutting it up and making a couple of lap-top bags or some thing similar for my kids. I have the idea ... I have the materials ......I lack the skills and experience to do quality work.

It would be a fun project. I want quality work...I am willing to pay. If you know someone near the upper valley that is capable feel free to pass this along.

BTW.. I am single and not against the idea of an LTR with longer term in mind. I do get lonely from time to time, basically I'm a pretty regular guy.
What you have to deal with is a creative brain that can see a crappy old suitcase and see fun and value in it. You'd probably end up getting weird stuff for Christmas and so forth.
I'm frugal...the kids say I'm cheap. First date is coffee.... probably the second date also...after that we can expand our horizons and go for a walk or you can cook me dinner...what ever.

Any response will get a picture...of either me or the suitcase depending on what your interest is.

I just read this are probably shaking your head or laughing...yes it is real:-) at least I know what Louis Vuittons is. If you have to look up Louis Vuittons I'm probably not your guy.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

boob touch - 22 (kittery )

I am looking for a few dates with a girl with big tits i have had my share of girls with small boobs not any girls with a nice big pair but hey cant choose who you fall for and who you like and is compatible with. Well with that said i would like to hear back from a girl with C-D cups or bigger of course and go on afew dates. Dinner Movie i enjoy fine dining so if we wait 40 minutes because we forgot reservations thats fine with me but i would like to be able to feel ya up on the first date please write BRA in subject line to weed out fake peeeps anything else wont be accepted if you have a picture to show that you got a nice pair and i choosse you over others feel free not required.