Monday, July 26, 2010

Looking for someone who doesn't like the mountings

Summer Bliss - 50 (Hooksett)

Hi There,I'm looking for someone that doesn't talk a lot,someone that doesn't like going for long walks or rides to no where.Some one that doesn't like the Mountings or Oceans, someone that likes to take advantage of people.I want someone with lots of kids and no money and no place to live.I'm looking for someone that has baggage and can't live a day with out Drama.Smokers and heavy drinkers go to the front of the line.Bottom line i'm very controlling always looking at other women,I expect 3 meals a day, a clean house, and sex at anytime i wan,t.last but not least is must be 420 Friendly, and Love Muscle Cars.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

i have the hots for someone... - 36 (heartbreak hotel)

lol. you read it right. hi there ladys. so let me tell you a story. ive got the hots for this 1 particular girl, right. shes great. attractive funny, fun to be with, ya know. shes single and wants a good guy to treat her right. lets cal;l her eve. and she has a child. so she doesnt want a broke ass joker.
now my buddy, lets call him jack, knows how i feel about her. this guy goes over there and sweet talks her into a date. so now jack comes over my place and tells me this and ruibs it in my face. we went at it for a minute or so. and ill tell you why.
this guy jack. hasnt got a pot to fkn piss in. no job, no money and hes fkn ugly, really. i think so anyway.
andn thats why im getting a little aggrevated. eve doesnt need a guy like jack in her life. hes gonna soak up as much free stuuff from her as he can then leave her. im tellin ya, i know this guy.
and thats not even why im getting aggrevated. ill tell ya. its you women, like eve, who is responsible and "says she want a good guy to share good and bad times with, to grow and learn from. a guy who has a job or legal income, their own place, and a possitive outlook ion life and their own money and etc..." (all me) just to turn around and go out with a guy like jack. now in a month or so shes gonna end up telling me all the bs jack put her through. i mean, what should i do? laugh in her face for passing me up to go with some sweet talker or do i be her sucka aqnd offer my shoulder to cry on again over another wasted relationship. i think im gonna end up laughing at her this time. im done.
you women got me dizzy. i dont want to be a mean prick butn i can only hold on for so long. i am only human.
im not dizzy and dont plan on being dizzy. i know what i want and need. if there are any women who reads this and wants to chat about this or almost anything, write back. i want a ltr but everyone that does has to start with 1 e-mail, then the meet up, then the hanging out' getting to know one another, and if everything clicks bam one helluva ltr. i do have pics, yours will get mine. looking forward to hear from you, i think? lol my name is kevin and thank you for reading my ad.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Earn extra money - 51 (Portsmouth)

Are you interested in earning extra cash? I am a 51 y/o married man. I'm interested in a physical relationship with an intelligent, attractive woman. Age between 30 - 45. Will discuss details with you after I verify you are in fact who you say you are.

you should be two

if yur decent open me up - 49 (no.of rochester)

if you take care of your self are decent and want some one who wants to share the weekend on the water with toys, convertable evening and more than respond to this decent guy thats fit good lookin and lookin for the same I,m white and you should be two,your pic gets mine,will not go to other sites to veiw neither,want a fun weekend well take this chance (I did) 35on up to 55 only please...will get back to you this after noon.with more info.

Monday, July 12, 2010

youngins need not reply - 49 (so.maine)

thats right I,m looking for a new freind not a doughter,35ishto55ish so here it is your fit have all your teeth petit to a liitle curvy atleast own a car that you can travel as I would do as well, do,nt smoke,social drinker sex OH YA sexual active fun loving do,nt have to be a mama,s girl not in to 420 wants a handsome man thats got with all his teeth and hair looks younger because he takes care of him self 165-+ 5,10 athletic eat,s right appreciates a bewtiful woman and repects her and knows how love them from head to tow he has his own house,a few vehicles water toys to entertain with his woman can conversate known to be a nice guyand wants to meet the quality woman on this site your pic will get mine if where on the same page I hope Ive interested you to respond send me a regular email with your pic and not another site other wise i will not respond good luck ladies please only real need to answer please

Surger Moma

im a 46 old man looking for my missing other half in my life - 46 (new gloucester)

looking for some one to complet me in my life some one ho likes kids mine are mosty on thear owe now but still want some one ho likes kids im missing that someone to wake up with a freand and lover someone to go do things with beach /out to eat/shoping/camping /or just sitting hear by the camp fire im not hard to get along with i work for my self own my home so im not looking for a surger moma some one to fall in love with so if thears some one out thear that mite be intrested email me and see what happens thanks jeff ur pic gits mime k see ya

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

looking for a slim gal that needs a house - 60 (canton)

i got a small house on 3 acres in the trees ,180 ft. from route 108 in canton, i'd like a non-smoking ,diease free chick move in, i need some loven, i'm diease free, i don't have kids, i like hiking,gold hunting, song birds, gardening, and digging for minerals, move in next week, thanks dave

Monday, July 5, 2010

"Women" please read - m4w

Why do you all have to sleep around so much? Being a slut is not a good thing. You all wonder why you have STD's and STI's. I can tell you why. Its because you all sleep around just like that recent posting where a girl met a guy with a wife or girl friend in a closet and she is asking him to cheat on her. How do you even meet someone in a closet. None of you will ever get a decent man. No self respecting good man would date a girl that doesn't know how many partners she has had, and doesn't know their names. It's pathetic. If that is all not bad enough you are all selfish, shallow, materialist and above all dishonest. I can't believe how easy you ALL find it to look a man in the eye, and deliberately lie to him. Fuck you all.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

I need a companion,.. a partner! (Freeport to Bath)

Do you feel used, unloved, unappreciated, unwanted in your present situation?
Are you lonely? Got low self esteem? Don't like where you're at and ache for something/someone better?
Do you have SOME assets? Looks? Brains? Skills? Talents? Do you wish to escape and find a new future out there somewhere for yourself?
Are you NOT grossly overweight, (less than 220 pounds).....younger than, say, 51?
Would you like a gentlemanly, non drinking/drugging, kind of guy who has a job, works regular hours for regular pay, pays all the bills on time, and a homeowner who is non violent and not any kind of criminal, is not profane and/or abusive or inconsiderate of your feelings?
If you're younger than, say fifty one, and have a lot of good years left in you,.... and like to do things,...
write to me. My heart has a vacancy for ONE loving, honest, and trustworthy woman who is God fearing/loving and not half bad looking. I need a companion,.. a partner!
WRITE BACK TO ME! Tell me about yourself.
If you're REAL, maybe we can chat by phone?

looking.for.compatanility - 49 (northfield),rides,

Seeking Escort 4 LTR - 55 (nh)

Seeking genuine future focused escort interested in forming long term relationship with eye on creating multifaceted agency. Someone willing to work toward building a product servicing multiple areas of adult entertainment. Best personal relationship I ever had was with a woman who was also an escort. Bright, honest, sincere. More good qualities than I can mention. At the time, I wasn't smart enough to stay with her and have missed her ever since. Now I'm looking for a companion and business partner sincerely interested in moving forward to a secure financial future managing top quality adult entertainers, companions, etc. I have many novel ideas and will discuss with serious, select party. If you think this is definitely 4 you, please email with qualifications, location (NH), pic and contact info.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Taco Lover Seeks Soulmate - 23 (Thirsty Whale Adjacent)

23 year old taco lover here! I'm looking for someone to be the salsa for my burrito.

I love:
Tacos of course.
Angry Birds, the video game.
All-inclusive resorts.
Giant bronze rabbits.
Cats, but not on my tacos please, LOL!!!


Ladies: Why You Haven’t Found Love Yet - 39 (Southern Maine)

You’re here looking for Mr. Right and judging by the postings that means one of two things, not counting someone stupid enough to fall for flagrant phishing from non-English speaking countries:

A) A handsome successful professional making enough money to make you feel like a upper-middle class princess.
B) A young, good looking, hip guy with tattoos and maybe a motorcycle who makes you feel cool.

Are you sensing the problem here?

A) Handsome professional guy is already with someone younger, cuter, more fit, and nicer than you.
B) Hip guy is hitting the clubs and picking up chicks cuter, more fit, and more hip than you.

Chances are you’re here because YOU ARE NOT ALL THAT. Probably you’re a little homely, a little overweight, a little trashy, a little annoying, a little past your prime, or have an excess of children.

Meanwhile guys are here because they’re a little homely, a little overweight, a little trashy, a little obnoxious, or a little poor. Me, I fall in the difficult, trashy, and poor catagories, though just a little of each.

I started checking out personals hoping to find someone special, but I knew I wasn’t going to end up with an smart, classy super-model who was going to pander to my every need and dissatisfaction. I just hoped to cast a wide enough net to meet someone whose flaws dovetailed with my own and with whom I shared a real personal connection. Say, a nice looking lady who was a little too smart and self-assertive for most guys, a sweet well rounded woman going under-appreciated for her well-rounded physique, or someone a little too young and hip for me if she weren’t in quest for a man of substance. Just enough of what I desire to reach my heart. Beyond that I don’t presume to expect some kind of alpha female.

Sadly women’s posts and responses just left me feeling like I was slumming. I am hot enough, smart enough, classy enough, educated enough that I get positive attention in the real world. I am capable of picking women up in the old fashioned way, at a social gathering, at the club or the bar, hell, even right off the street. I never liked that game, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work if I put out the effort. At least I have a sex life with some decent, good looking women I actually like, even if seems like I will never find true love.

So I’m going probably stick to the real world for now on; my stock in some of the women I’ve been seeing has gone up after reading these personals. But I always want to better the people around me, so I’m leaving this public service annoucement:

Get real.