Monday, August 23, 2010

looking for a GF - 40 (MANCHESTER-NH)


Saturday, August 14, 2010



Friday, August 13, 2010

looking forsomeone to hang with - 49 (raymond)

hey any ladieslike42 52 need something to do must at least have average to good looks and bod down to earth im just loking for femalefriend like tonite ill probably hang out at my camp play bingo its mixed ages not old ladies puffing on butts all night you can byob i m just trying to meet someone doing something simple like that not so much one on one if you want to leave after you can no bodt likes to feel trapped or a fire after tomorrow nite theres a dance can you ride a scooter to go yard saleing that way you dont buy so much lol let me know thanks oh just found out theres a comedian tonite bingo at 8 comedian 930 they are usually really funny i cant wait nothing like a good laugh to start your weekend something else to think aboutmust play well with others please im easy going have lots of friends there ill make sure your comfortable

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Serious relationship wanted - 51 (So. Maine)


Artistic man 5'11 230 lbs. long, curley brown hair looking for a LTR with someone special. I am now presently in a long term residential alcohol treatment facility, but am at the point whenre I am re inventing myself in the community. Please email me if you are interested.

thesepretzelsaremakingmethirsty - 145 (earth)

5'10" on my tippytoes 160lbs. naked,........... naked, naked,naked~ ~
GED graduate-1985~~~~University of Cunnilingus Fl. 1991
busted lip, protrudeing lower rib, various minor scars from last century - no ink (sorry, not condusive to underground exsistance) nice smile, (missing teeth are back ones)
discolered big toenails (blood was neg. for fungus, pedophile said must be from trauma.)
Tec. challenged-never done hard time-lived amoung the tree people, but never ate monkey heads.
sponge worthy

I.S.O. model type
over 30
honorable, (from now on.....)
short and light..... (like a girl I can heft)
race: yes,
love Asian but easy on the soysauce please. pepper, no salt

please choose one so I know you are not spam

A: bang me like the plane's going down then go away.

B: caress me, scratch me, rub me, spoon me all night long

Okay, you can mix em....... incl. pic. please.

...long~tender~kisses~, opposite George

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Viewer Discretion is Advised!

Due to a set of baby blue eyes, Sculptured chin and clever personality.The following profile is for lovely ladies only.There are no Bi-products here.100% pure "Ray" grade only.I'm a Thinker, Sometimes Stinker, Tinkerer, And can use a Thickner.Ladies do not judge this book from its size or cover. I have more options than a Lexus 380 Coupe.Can I grow a garden?I can think of no where else to get fresh vegetables when preparing dinner everynight for you...Almost everynight.I didn't shave my head because I wanted to look like Mr.Clean.It just started going on vacation and not returning.Hopefully on a nice resort by the beach.I shaved my head so my ears would actually listen better and try to understand what your saying.And sometimes not saying.Remember I am not a mind reader.So communication is important.Entertain? Not only can I cook the food.I am great around in-laws, friends, friendly among other animals and great at cookouts.A nun taught me to play guitar at 6 yrs.old.I thank God she was ugly as the positions we used and the time that we spent could have sent me to Hell for sometime.Hey lets play tennis, take a walk, Take some lime and some coconut and we'll shake it all up.I'll dance with you.I won't sit on the side lines watching other guys drool over you, When I can be up there drooling on you.I'm also a handyman, I work for Boston Housing Authority where I have many adventures.Not only do I install ceramic tiles.I'm a friendly face that will have snowball fights with the local kids, Help out the elderly and basically just do what I can.I'm looking for someone who's down to earth, Is not a afraid to be a goober now and then.No games, No drama.Its about having fun.I would recommend this book to anyone.Take time and read it yourself.Say Hi!

Monday, August 2, 2010

subsequent - 50 (portland)

Following in time or order The last thing I want in a woman. I have read a few of the post from man looking for woman. Now i know why there are spammers . 99% are looser have not had sex in a long time because of these words lets be friend and go from there or full of shit . Me i want a woman who takes 2 hours to get ready to get coffee and then wants ice cream . Not looking for my best friend looking for a woman I lust for after a year. Me I want the woman who has problems ,exs, kids a boos she hates and loves her Dad . If you reads the list from men who tell you how great they are and woman love him and you believe him. Be with the a kiss ass you are not for me . I am that man that other woman talk about and can not understand why you are with me . I am not just looking for a date looking for a woman knows what a man needs and want and will use it to win a fight. . The only thing i know what you need to be. IS be in shape a 160 pound 5' woman can be in shape Know what you like and what you want and do not change your mind for anyone. Be fun and like yourself and like man no matter what one has done to you. I still love woman and my x hit me with a car.

better than your last man - 45 (w farmington)

i search of female self motiviated physically fit dependent ...i prefer your children be out on there own..but all aplicants will be lokked upon ..must have own transpertation. i am a hard working indivigual verry fit and active .self employed. seeks same ..looks not inportant ..recentley sepeerated ...likes to go bikeing fishing outdoor sports...must be sexually drama drink yes smokes yes pets welcome kids are ok i just prefer them to be on own as i like to sleep in the nude...