Tuesday, March 23, 2010

lookin for miss fake... (?)

Date: 2010-03-22, 10:10PM EDT
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this is for the woman that posted that amazing ad... whats your deal? did someone finaly let you out of the basement, or been releast from the sycward... good luck on your quest.. i got a feelin your gonna be lookin for a long time... you need to crawl back under that rock you came from... WEARDO.....

Hi it's me - 45 (north shore)

Date: 2010-03-22, 10:13PM EDT
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Its me just a ol\der hippie BOARD HORNEY sitting in my underwhere and could care less There is no drama hear and don't need it sober self employed musitian layed back dont think say hi and thanks later

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Looking for my dream to come true (Milford)

Date: 2010-03-07, 5:40PM EST
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I'm looking for a girl to lice with me full time hopefully forever. I have a very nice place, great furniture great tv matching bedroom furniture no mix match or walmart stuff. I have a good job and a nice car and a motorcycle for the summer time. Looking for a girl under 5' 5" under 130lb. Flexible would be great. Must love sex. Cute and clean. Shaved and sexy. Young (over 18) or young looking. Like to go on vacation and have fun but also chill at home. I am 5'10" 150lb good looking. I just want someone there for my wgen I go home or wanna go out to do stuff. Someone to sleep with and have fun with. Put dream girl in subject line so I don't get spam.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Go Fuck Yourself - 23 (Biddeford)

Date: 2010-03-01, 2:58PM EST
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Eye catching title, no?
I am originally from Salem, Ma, but now I live Biddeford,Maine.
I have what is known as the Masscent. I say "Cah", "Bah", "Parkin","Yahd" and a lot more.
I have both a G.E.D and a High School diploma...how many people do you know with both? Oh, none you say? Well, that further cements my awetasticness! .
I rarely drink, and when I do its within the confines of my own house, normally. Not a fan of the bar scene, unless its a classy place like the WonderBar here in Biddeford, not places like the 50's club.
Words used to describe me over the years
Fat fuck
fat ass
and a host of other very original names that include the word "fat" somewhere in the word. Other words occasionally associated with me:
Nice(only to those I give a shit about)
Asshole (my favorite and probably most true)
black humored
ect, ect, ect
I've had writing published online, because I am awesome like that.
I am going into college, and going to duel major in English and Psychology with the concentration in Pre-Law, But I'm going to be honest, I don't want to be a psychologist or lawyer.
I refuse to settle for some mediocre existence where I get married, have kids, work and then die.
That is NOT me, that is NOT what I want and I refuse to settle for anything less then greatness, even if I don't achieve it until I die.
I don't care if I make movies, write or even end up as a rock star (if I ever get good enough at guitar) I just want to make a shit ton of bank, enjoy what I do, and enjoy life.
If I want to go to Disney Word at 3 o'clock on a Wednesday, then that Is what I want to do, and I want to make enough money so I can do so.
Film-making (would actually love to make a full length feature someday.)
Guitar (Been teaching myself for about a month, now, and coming along at a decent pace.I would love to see how well I play in two years from now)
I work with the poor of the city.
I do not drive...yet. I have my permit, though.
I'm a FAT guy, if you don't like BIG men, don't bother. Although, I am on a diet that is actually working. Go figure, diet and exercise actually works. :/ lol
I like to make people laugh and think I am a pretty funny guy. I treat the world as a stage and routinely perform comedy anywhere I might be, just to get laughs, even if it is at inappropriate times. I
'm Aries (for those of you that are into that)
I'm an Atheist
What I am looking for:
A woman, between 18-33 (or so) within the area, Portland-So.Portland//Biddeford, Saco, OOB
I don't have many preferences other than that, though. Although some things I like, but are not necessarily are: Red hair, BBW's, geeky girls...ect, ect, ect. Just being a woman is good enough for me, Im not all to picky. I'll know if I like you base on any conversations we might have.
So, if you're interested in my ad, send me an email.
Include the following: Picture or Facebook/Myspace where you might have a picture. I send you back mine.
Title the email with your favorite Salad Dressing, I know it sounds odd, but hey, it is so I know you're real.