Thursday, February 22, 2007

Aspiring Renaissance Man

I'm hoping to find a woman who is cute, active, smart, irreverent, and can appreciate me for who I am. If you're a bit of a hippy and/or a foody, so much the better, The bar scene has never been my forte, just a place to throw darts with the guys once in a while. Believe it or not, it's really difficult to meet new female friends as a male massage therapist. Besides the ethical boundary of dating a client, I guess they figure I'm gay, or some kind of gigolo. Neither is true.
I teach cooking classes a few times a month,do some food consulting/private chef work, donate my time when I can, and work on building my massage practice constantly. I have friends and family over quite often to dinner; it's probably my favorite hobby.I also enjoy sailing, golf, and all mountain sports (hike, bike, ski, board, tele)I've been really focused on my health and fitness since my last birthday, and I feel great.I've recently become addicted to hooping; just google it and you'll get the idea. All my life lacks is you!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I Hate the Games

Loving caring professional sensative understanding man, I hate the games all the crap that goes into meeting someone, looking for a real special lady who appreciates a man who will cherish her friendship, love her with his entire soul, seeking the physical but also emotional kind of love that makes the love between two people immortal.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Dragon Slayer Wanted?

I am single by design - no game players, egos' or attitudes, just real sincerety. Life is to short to waste, for tomorrows may never come. If you are searching for a man man, then read on. You won't be dissappointed if you are sincere. Read on!!

If Stars were my Dreams then our journey would be a Galaxy. I would have to say one of the greatest gifts from my MOM was ( because my dad died when I was 14 ) old fashion values and morals, respect and tradition, chilvary and love. NOW FOR THAT LITTLE BIT OF HUMOR WITHIN THIS SINCERE LETTER! (;-} I remember the time when King Aurthor ( He had a few to many Pina Coladas that day ) told me I had to go out and slay all the dragons in the Kingdom in order to bring honor to his people and Kingdom, and my reward would be a very special Princess that my heart has longed for, anyplace in the world. He figured the best man for this adventure at 5'9", 46 years young,white male, brown hair and hazel-brown eyes, ( spiritual ) , Educated, Self Employed, with child living in Oregon, velvet and steel, weighing in at around 165 pounds, with an athletic build, could defeat these with an athletic build, could defeat these wild beast. The king knows I don't drink or do drugs and have a love for life and the future. So I grab my best weapon, ( which was my bag of kindness, love and peace, you have to have a since of humor for this job and there's not much time for TV and would rather be out doing something fun with my princess, ) and went about the Kingdom finding all the dragons. For this Kingdom is near the ocean. One by one I filled these furosious dragons with my magic weapon ( love, kindness, thoughtfulness, honesty, faithfulness ) and talked them into becoming furnaces to heat the castle, for you have read about how cold these castles are in New England in the winter times. ! We now have running hot water to bathe with-(Dragon Fire)! I love being clean and groomed. Because of my heroic effort King Author Knighted me and I am known as Prince Fred. He asked me what was this Princess substance that I would want, and I said, "nothing more than what I am willing to give." So tell me Prince Fred what is that? ( to be continued when I here from you ) smile !

Friday, February 16, 2007

Layed Back

Accompanied by a picture of a guy with awful hat hair:

I'm a single from Portsmouth,NH, looking for someone who can share with me, I like to enjoy the life with having meal at restaurant,travelling, swimming and any kind of fun activities, I'm a 37 year old guy lived in P-----, New Hampshire. I like to describe my self as an easy going, happy, intelligent,attracti ve and funny and ready to have girlfriend to share

I am a layed back person . I enjoy being at home like dinner and a movie at home is a good thing. Dont get out a lot but like a small pub or sports bar over nightclubs. Like to shoot pool and darts. I love being at the ocean love saltwater fishing. Like to play golf at least once a week. Looking for someone with some common interest to spend good times with.