Saturday, September 24, 2011

Share My House - 45 ( Seacoast N.H.)

I Own and live in a house at the beach, at first I started posting for a Room Mate, Then I thought I might take it a step further, I am also divorced and looking for a pretty, young, woman to share great times with, so why not put it all In one add. could lead to LTR... Please be between the ages of 23 and 40 I am 45 , Please no bullshit, no whores, no woman working for dating sites, Just honest responses. and please no woman from Nigeria, who is relocating , parents died , bla bla bla. I have heard it all. you must Know where Rye N.H. is, that would be a great start.
Have a great Day!!
Get back to me, I will give you my e mail ect.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

soild person needs partner to spoil - 39 (NH-SW)

39YO guy who has never posted before. I enjoy everything from LIMo's to Nascar. You must have a SOH. I love the SOX and Pats, and my family and friends. i have a Masters degree and I am not desparate or needy. I just want to see who is out there. maybe we can chat or meet. I am a rockstar and comedian, beside being smart. i have low self esteem as you can tell. I tend to get along with everyone, at some level.

Jack and Rose Dawson - 32 (somewhere between Concord and Littleton)

Now is the time for action, for making it count!

I'm a lot like Jack in the sense that I have no problem taking risks in life or even doing it in a poker game for that matter. If I saw or heard someone in trouble I would stop and help. If you look in my eyes and my heart leaps, I would put it all on the line for a shot with you. While the distinguished materialistic men drink brandy and smoke cigars, I would take you dancing and get lost in your splendor. And if our ship sinks... I would give up my floating piece of wood so that you are safe.

And you are a lot like Rose. The way you can wear your hair many different ways. The girl who is proper but also rebellious. The way you value love and how it outweighs even the most important issues. Your genuineness and brilliance. Your quick wit and your fun-loving demeanor. And lastly, your ability to discern difference.

I am a healthy, kind, attractive Jack, looking for my amazingly stubborn, smart, beautiful Rose.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

This Magic Moment - m4w

After a lifetime driven by assortments of fragmented dreams, not once has an experience ever compared with that moment of awaiting your answer to my question. It was as if time, momentarilly, was standing still, and there was not another soul on this planet, other than you and I.

Taking your number would have left me debating when the best time to call might be.
Giving you my number guarantees that any time you call, whether in a few days, few weeks, or few months, will be the perfect time, another magic moment.

my jailbird - w4m - 20 (my heart)

i wonder if you will ever read this, and i wonder if you think about me still? we quickly fell in love. quickly. no one told me you were a scumbag, you meant everything to me..we shared a love that people couldnt even dream about. you completed my heart, soul, mind, and body. i know youre out there somewhere..i know...we met and you were jail, on work release. you never left my side. i will always love you. and i know the only reason that we are not together is because you have never loved, or been loved as intensely as my love for you, and yours for me..i hope someday you can come home to me, i hope you get better, and i hope i do too..still thinking about you...still...this is your "get out of jail free" last chance to come home

someday my jailbird you will be set free
you will spread your wings and fly away from me
when you develop from jailbird to dove
remember the keeper who holds that jailbirds love