Saturday, August 29, 2009

Let's do this. - 29 (Manchester, nh)

Date: 2009-08-29, 7:22AM EDT
About me, I am 29. I live in Manchester, work here as well. I am in shape, and do a lot to keep it that way. I would expect a woman to be in shape as well. I have many faces to my personality. The majority of the time I am a very sarcastic individual with a propensity to see the positive power in negative thinking. The rest of the faces come out with different situations, usually an adaption to my environment. Underneath it all I have a very basic set of rules and principles that are adhered to at all times. Not to confuse this with a mental disease, I believe most people use this adaption without ever recognizing it. I drink, not to excess maybe 6 a week. I usually stick to beer, dark beer with a lot of bitterness and flavor. I like my beer to match my soul. I do not ever let an emotion cloud my judgment or base any decision off of circumstantial evidence. When it comes to performing dangerous stunts, let's just say I do a lot of them, mainly on a mountain bike. What I am looking for, is a female who has a level head on their shoulders. One who can not flip out in a stressful situation. Victim mentality is a real deal breaker. One who can set and keep plans without constantly canceling them, I know life is busy and unpredictable, but when there is an excuse why you can't make every date set, then I have to believe you aren't interested. One who understands that those who win in life can contingency plan well and execute those plans with speed and precision. Preferably someone who can keep up with me on the mountain bike or kick my ass at it would be pretty impressive. Hope to hear from you.

Location: Manchester, nh

finacially stable - 27 (concord)

Date: 2009-08-29, 12:19AM EDT
my name is bryan i live in concord n.h. i am 27 . i have two jobs and i am also wealthy.looking for beautiful gals that want a nice wealthy man.

Location: concord

Friday, August 28, 2009

Not a Pervery

Come see me at work :) - 24 (Portsmouth)
Date: 2009-08-28, 4:32PM EDT
Well call me crazy, but where I work is the perfect place to have a little fun...I work by myself, and it can get very comfortable. A little about me, I am 24, down to earth, cute and sexy. Not a "troll" not a pervery, or some old, weird dude..I consider myself quite a catch. And no I am not SPAM or a bot or whatever. Just looking to have some fun during this very lonely, boring work day, and just looking to shake things up a bit with the right girl..try something new and different. And if you must know, I am all about MUTUAL satisfaction..which means it isnt all about me, I consider myself to be a very giving person :)
So email me for more details! Please send a pic with a response and I will send one right back..please no games as I am very serious. Hope to hear from you soon!

Location: Portsmouth

Sweat smile - m4w

Date: 2009-08-23, 4:11PM EDT
Kate at the gas station in Seabrook. we talked about the weather while you were ringing me up. Your sweet smile made my day!

it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Half Mad with Lyme Disease

Looking for mellow live-in relationship - 38 (Somersworth)
Date: 2009-08-18, 9:58AM EDT
Despite being employed and caring well for her child, my last girlfriend is a slowly deteriorating, pharmacy-addicted basket case who can't handle more than the basics to get by in life. I biked 16 miles to see her (I sold my car in May) and she didn't even have the courtesy to tell me she didn't want to see me that night. She was gone so all I got was a note saying not to call or see her again so I had to ditch my bike at night and waste money on a cab because I had a full day's work the next day.

I'm not wealthy by any means but I work for myself and have a day job. I have no criminal record, don't smoke, and I don't drink more than 2 beers at a time every 2 or 3 months. I've never verbally or physically abused a woman and I will walk 16 miles home rather than lift a finger in anger. I tried to make my last girlfriend's life more comfortable -- I got her a replacement microwave to fix the cracked one she stood in front of all the time, gave her daughter a brand-new iPod, got her backrubs when her accident injuries bothered her and mowed the lawn and shoveled for her a few times -- but her mood swings and aloofness finally doomed what we had together.

I have tried very hard to be the person my parents wanted me to be without being a self-serving type A personality. I think I've done okay. Would just like to meet a woman who can forgive and be forgiven but isn't a doormat or a lurking nutcase. People still think I'm 25 but the inevitabilities of age are starting to accumulate, so I'm looking for someone my age, not a midlife crisis trophy that many others abandon fine women for.

I can cover my half of the rent but since I got back from a failed project with 1200 websites (the owner was stubborn and half-mad with Lyme disease) my income has been pretty basic and I have to move back out of my parents' place to a place within walking distance of Tri-City Plaza where I work. I lose Maine income tax from my check every week so I would be grateful to find a place with someone in NH.

I know that living together even as roommates is a big commitment, so if you would like to take it slow and get to know me, please just say hello. If you'd just like to consider me as a roommate and don't need or want the extra complications of a relationship, that's fine too.

No scam artists, no pill junkies, and no entitlement queens, because out there is a woman who truly deserves a fun, respectful, and kind relationship, and you don't deserve to take it from her and waste my time.

Location: Somersworth

The Last Good Man Needs a Dictionary

LAST GOOD MAN - 48 (nh.)
Date: 2009-08-18, 6:32PM EDT
Any good men?... Well here I am... Most likely the last one in these parts of nh. Do you like to be treated extra special? Do you like to get flowers, candy, jewlery, money for shopping? I can give you what you feel your entitled to. If you need some real good loving then your at the right place. You need to be attractive, in shape, a one man kind of girl. I'm looking for younger, but if you can change my mind then cool. Me very handsome I am told, but I already knew that. S I N G L E... not attached in any way shape or form. Very independant... love kids, animals, nature, some sports, music and a social drink now & then. I work very hard and am committed to my work as I play a major role in the company. My lifestyle is simple... Quality time is my favorite time! I begin work before the sunrise and hope to be in bed by 9:00pm with you or without you. I would love to come home to a home cooked meal and have a sexy little desert shortly after every night. My expectations might be a little high for the web so I ask to see photos before I reply.

Location: nh.

I'm Popeye the Sailor Man

looking for a nice girl - 41 (new hampshire)
Date: 2009-08-18, 7:28PM EDT
if there are any nice girls out there i would like to hear from you i am honest goodlooking romantic and respectful if you expect that from a man than im the guy for you i will save the details for our conversation you will not be dissapointed i am what i say i am

Location: new hampshire