Thursday, February 22, 2007

Aspiring Renaissance Man

I'm hoping to find a woman who is cute, active, smart, irreverent, and can appreciate me for who I am. If you're a bit of a hippy and/or a foody, so much the better, The bar scene has never been my forte, just a place to throw darts with the guys once in a while. Believe it or not, it's really difficult to meet new female friends as a male massage therapist. Besides the ethical boundary of dating a client, I guess they figure I'm gay, or some kind of gigolo. Neither is true.
I teach cooking classes a few times a month,do some food consulting/private chef work, donate my time when I can, and work on building my massage practice constantly. I have friends and family over quite often to dinner; it's probably my favorite hobby.I also enjoy sailing, golf, and all mountain sports (hike, bike, ski, board, tele)I've been really focused on my health and fitness since my last birthday, and I feel great.I've recently become addicted to hooping; just google it and you'll get the idea. All my life lacks is you!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my hunny, you're obsessed. : )

Still it's pretty funny.