Monday, March 1, 2010

Go Fuck Yourself - 23 (Biddeford)

Date: 2010-03-01, 2:58PM EST
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Eye catching title, no?
I am originally from Salem, Ma, but now I live Biddeford,Maine.
I have what is known as the Masscent. I say "Cah", "Bah", "Parkin","Yahd" and a lot more.
I have both a G.E.D and a High School many people do you know with both? Oh, none you say? Well, that further cements my awetasticness! .
I rarely drink, and when I do its within the confines of my own house, normally. Not a fan of the bar scene, unless its a classy place like the WonderBar here in Biddeford, not places like the 50's club.
Words used to describe me over the years
Fat fuck
fat ass
and a host of other very original names that include the word "fat" somewhere in the word. Other words occasionally associated with me:
Nice(only to those I give a shit about)
Asshole (my favorite and probably most true)
black humored
ect, ect, ect
I've had writing published online, because I am awesome like that.
I am going into college, and going to duel major in English and Psychology with the concentration in Pre-Law, But I'm going to be honest, I don't want to be a psychologist or lawyer.
I refuse to settle for some mediocre existence where I get married, have kids, work and then die.
That is NOT me, that is NOT what I want and I refuse to settle for anything less then greatness, even if I don't achieve it until I die.
I don't care if I make movies, write or even end up as a rock star (if I ever get good enough at guitar) I just want to make a shit ton of bank, enjoy what I do, and enjoy life.
If I want to go to Disney Word at 3 o'clock on a Wednesday, then that Is what I want to do, and I want to make enough money so I can do so.
Film-making (would actually love to make a full length feature someday.)
Guitar (Been teaching myself for about a month, now, and coming along at a decent pace.I would love to see how well I play in two years from now)
I work with the poor of the city.
I do not drive...yet. I have my permit, though.
I'm a FAT guy, if you don't like BIG men, don't bother. Although, I am on a diet that is actually working. Go figure, diet and exercise actually works. :/ lol
I like to make people laugh and think I am a pretty funny guy. I treat the world as a stage and routinely perform comedy anywhere I might be, just to get laughs, even if it is at inappropriate times. I
'm Aries (for those of you that are into that)
I'm an Atheist
What I am looking for:
A woman, between 18-33 (or so) within the area, Portland-So.Portland//Biddeford, Saco, OOB
I don't have many preferences other than that, though. Although some things I like, but are not necessarily are: Red hair, BBW's, geeky girls...ect, ect, ect. Just being a woman is good enough for me, Im not all to picky. I'll know if I like you base on any conversations we might have.
So, if you're interested in my ad, send me an email.
Include the following: Picture or Facebook/Myspace where you might have a picture. I send you back mine.
Title the email with your favorite Salad Dressing, I know it sounds odd, but hey, it is so I know you're real.

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