Saturday, April 23, 2011

Where to search? - 42 (Brewer)

Where does one go to find a female without children, tats, drunk, druggie and fat in this state? Until I returned Maine it was never a problem to find my definition of a nice young woman. Sadly we never clicked for something long term but at least there was some pleasure from learning each other. Seeking someone under 26 who has no children, does not drink, smoke, do drugs have tats and is blubbery. I have plenty of fat friends so not saying fat people do not have feelings or great personalities but a personal choice for more than freinds. Is my request a fantasy in Maine or what? Perhaps it is because I started dating late as I had goals so to old for females in Maine? Only responces with "good girl" will be read as I have hit 100,000 at least in spam.

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