Saturday, October 15, 2011

Maine - 30 (south maine)

Hi well lit about me I am a single dad of a beatiful girl she awsome an I love being a father. I own my home in time I work for myself an getting ready to go back to school. I have a nice car just got it an prob payin to mauch 4 it but part of life. I am down to earth kinda guy. I like goin out n doin things as anyone but it not always fun to do it alone so I am looking to make friends an get to really know people over time an see what happens. I am not looking just to jump into bed really I am not, not sure if thats every guys pick up line or what not but I am a honest guy good looking I tend to be a nerd reason I say that is I am a wise ass I try to joke around an give pp laughter sorry I am human lol. Any how I would like to meet some boudy an connect well with tired of getting playe or doin things as a high school things I am not 15years old I am not dumb I just trying to real with people I like to go out or stay home I really rather stay home an save money but alway like to get out n do things too.I try to be a romatic guy I open doors buy floors an write poetry do those lit things only think happen in movies or what ever I just cant stand being lied too i rather hear the truth then sum gossip that never even happen. I am a big boy I can handle the truth. I am not gonna lie I am not perfic no one is an I am just me only lit old me an if thats not good enough I am sorry maybe the next guy you get to know will an hope an wish all people all the love an peace in the world I just wish to find my other half more then anything I really do! I am more willing to help anyone out but i been burn many times so its hard to trust anyone. I am not trying to write a book here just trying to be real an look at things to the point so if your still readin n feel like chating I'd love to hear from you so feel free to drop a word an hollar over anytime! Ok have a nice one I'll leave a rose here for all the lovly ladys an hope all find there true love!

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