Monday, March 19, 2007

YO! Whateverrrrr! Biaaaaaatch!

Me, laid back, cool, somewhat attractive, semi-fit, love laughing, love different types of food, love hangin with someone with the same likenesses, self-proclaimed computer geek, small business owner (plumbing Co.), love building bikes (motorcycles) me and friends (not for a business), Love to have someone who loves sex (not just says they do!, very common!) I prefer slim, average or healthy girls, under 6' that consider themselves to be attractive. If a girl thinks she's attractive then she probably is. I just want to hang with someONE and have a good time. I dont smoke or drink but wont mind someone who drinks (a little!).

What's your favorite thing about Atlanta?
The variety, and the tons of places to eat!

What's your least favorite thing about Atlanta? All the racial bullshit.

What are your 5 favorite local hangouts? Dixie Tavern, Dark Horse Tavern, Red Door, The pool Hall (for shock value), Star Bar.......Wherever da partys at!

What's your favorite slang expression? "Motherfucker!"

What's under your bed? Dust Bunnies

What's your guiltiest pleasure? Sugar

What's your most prized possession? My Dog

What's one thing people are surprised to find out about you? It used to be that I had tattoos, but now probably that Im very passionate about certain things.

Quote a line from your favorite movie. hmmmmmm, seriously there are tons! Ill have to pick later.

I consider myself an open-minded person, but my deal breakers are smokers and prudes

It's Sunday morning at 10 a.m. If I'm not still sleeping, I'm workin in the shop or on the computer

The quickest way to my heart is laughter / honesty The quickest way to my bed is flirting and openess And in the morning, I like my eggs cooked scrambled w/cheese

When I die, I believe I will go to outer space

I wouldn't be who I am if I was someone else

I wouldn't sell my dog for a billion dollars.

If I could have any super hero power, it would be super strength and i would use it in evil ways

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