Thursday, May 8, 2008


YMCA Parking Lot - Porsmouth - Saturday - m4w - 41
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Date: 2008-05-05, 5:29PM EDT
Last Saturday, May 3rd, the pool was closing at the YMCA- it was about 3:10, or 3:15. I was standing in the locker room door of the Men's room, in my shorts, with no top - waiting for my little son to come back from the front desk. You were coming down the hall and stopped to wait for one of your kids (I think). We just kind of looked at each other. You were wearing jeans, black/brown clogs, you have long, slim legs, brown hair.. you are very beautiful. I would guess mid thirties.. something like that. As for me... I got dressed, and when I went to the Parking Lot, it looked like your husband was waiting for you to get into a mini-van. I think you had a Dalmation out in the Parking Lot, and it was sniffing around. You were waiting for the dog, it was starting to drizzle. As I got into my car, you walked back toward the mini-van, and you waved at me, as i was starting the car and pulling out with my little boy in the back. I waved back... knowing that with your husband there, I couldn't strike up a full blown conversation. I am divorced.. and couldn't take my eyes off of you... you are lovely. You waved, and I understand people wave and just say hello - I am not making more of it than that... but I wanted you to know that I thought you were so lovely, I just could not take my eyes off of you. I would never tire of looking at you. You belong to someone else.. but if you didn't... well.. I can dream can't I? If you see this, you can write and say hello. I'll withhold all the passionnate words I wish to say, because hey, what's the use?

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