Thursday, July 14, 2011

cross country RV adventure - 49 (portland)

Hi, my name is Patrick I'm a 49 yo native american. 6' fit 170lbs. HWP tall, dark, and not so bad on the eyes. spontaneous and adventurous. I don't want to wait and see where life takes me. I want to live my dreams. You never know, I could get hit by a car, bus, train, plane, ocean liner. lol
I'm selling my house and everything I own. ( just accepted an offer on the house, and will me signing 2moro ) I plan on driving around the country, where ever the roads take me. I will have plenty of funds, so I don't need help. I would like to have company for this trip, some one HWP, young at heart with a wild adventurous side. Key West, Vegas, Ca., Alaska. I want to see and do this while I can.
I'm in good health. I DO NOT DO DRAMA in anyway what so ever... I'm very laid back, funny, don't drink (don't mind if your a social drinker), 420 friendly, smoke cigarettes, and not in a rust to get anywhere. I will have the cash to do as I (we) want to. I drive a taxi in Portland ( not the one who is rushing to his next fair, but the one with the smile on his face, taking his time.) I love to drive. I just want to drive around the country, with a happy, talkative, outgoing lady. who feels as good about herself as I do.
love making \ hot sex. on one hand I'm very passionate, caring, lover. who takes the time to enjoy and use all our senses. on the other hand, I love sexy dress, short skirts, nice shoes....

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