Monday, July 4, 2011

very attractive man with a killer personality - 45 (newton)

45 y.o. man looking for his cake and wants to eat it too. i'm going to be honest... I am looking for a woman of means. Are you above the curve. Do you not want for things, Is the only thing missing is that special person to share it with. I WANT A RICH WOMAN. Sorry to sound shallow, but i am a great catch. very attractive, down to earth, thoughtful and comitted to the right person. Im loyal ,very romantic, educated and can keep up my end of a conversation, I want a very specific thing and want to offer it to the right person, the other half of the whole. So if you would like to know more please by all means write to me and i will send a pic and you will be pleasently suprised and my personality is my better quality. I don't believe i have the guts to do this, but i;ve read through the majority of these ads ( have never dated anyone from a dating site ever) and i'm above and beyond whats out there thanks

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