Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jack and Rose Dawson - 32 (somewhere between Concord and Littleton)

Now is the time for action, for making it count!

I'm a lot like Jack in the sense that I have no problem taking risks in life or even doing it in a poker game for that matter. If I saw or heard someone in trouble I would stop and help. If you look in my eyes and my heart leaps, I would put it all on the line for a shot with you. While the distinguished materialistic men drink brandy and smoke cigars, I would take you dancing and get lost in your splendor. And if our ship sinks... I would give up my floating piece of wood so that you are safe.

And you are a lot like Rose. The way you can wear your hair many different ways. The girl who is proper but also rebellious. The way you value love and how it outweighs even the most important issues. Your genuineness and brilliance. Your quick wit and your fun-loving demeanor. And lastly, your ability to discern difference.

I am a healthy, kind, attractive Jack, looking for my amazingly stubborn, smart, beautiful Rose.

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