Saturday, January 7, 2012


OK LADIES SO YOUR HERE FOR WHAT EVER REASONS ALL I KNOW IS FOR WHAT EVER REASON YOUR LOOKING. Well so am I and I am not holding no blows, not looking for a princess or a smart weathly women, just a bad ass girl that knows how to take care of her self like me and just tired of going to bed alone. I am a mature man not a boy and age means nothing to me and don't stop me from doing what ever I want to do, so you be the same. Don't mean to offend anyone but, please am not into BBW. I don't want to date some one as big as I am so if you're offended then, am sorry. I have too much to offer, but you better be able to turn my head when you walk by me and I take care of myself I want my girl to take care of herself and not to get in the safe zone then get bigger then me. You may say am shallow but deal with the truth here ladies, that saying "it's all about what's on the inside that counts" well big people say that ok. So let's cut the crap and get down to what matter's ok, so you can still turn heads and still got the look and your not the size of King Kong, am looking for you. Let's talk then for here NO drama, here NO drugs, here NO abuse, here No lies, here No cheats, here NO dishonesty, here YES love, here YES caring, here YES conversation, here YES laughing, here YES doing things together, here YES wanting to be together and sharing lives and love kids. So if you are all that and think you can still turn my head and can get over the fact that most of your girlfriends will hate you and envey you cause you got a man they always wanted, then you drop me a line it will be the best thing you ever done in your life, oh and if you don't like to ride on the back of a Harley don't bother girls......... Thanks xoxoxo

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