Friday, September 25, 2009

This guy is in denial...

It's only wrestling :)
Date: 2009-09-24, 8:54PM EDT
I hate working out and try to find other ways to stay in shape. Not sure where to post this so I thought I'd start here. Long ago I used to wrestle, long ago. With winter setting in, there's no more swimming, etc; so I once again start to think about wrestling, hitch is, I've always wanted to wrestle like the greeks, butt naked and covered in oil. Throw a sheet of plastic down and wrestle a guy for 45min or so. I've browsed the menlookingmen section, and get the feeling there are too many crazies out there. I'm local, 5 kids, professional, connected to the community, etc. Can't take the risk. So I'm hoping that there might be a woman out there that might know another guy who might, or would love to watch her spouse get naked and wrestle. This is not a sideways sex thing. This is a get naked, covered in oil, and wrestle. Figure by the time we're done, we'll be too tired for hankypanky. Why reach out here? Well, from my experience women keep things safe. So there you have it. Oh, 6', 185, lightly haired, told I'm good looking, and if it matters, well equipped.

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