Saturday, September 26, 2009

Not Looking For Special Sneekers

looking to meet someone fun tonight - 28 (portsmouth to concord)
Date: 2009-09-25, 7:03PM EDT
Hello, I was kind of stood up tonight, I'd been chatting back and forth with someone I met through here this week and was looking forward to meeting up with her tonight. She very nicely emaild me today to cancel due to her meeting someone else reciently. I figured I take a proactive approach and actually post for onec, instead of just looking. I'm 28, decent looking to say the least, if you like shorter, stalkier builds. I'm pretty laid back, jeans, tee shirt/ polo shirt, and sneekers type of guy. I like it when a girl looks comfortable, tank top, jeans, and sneekers she clearly wears reguarly, not special sneekers she has to go with her outfit. I'm up for just about anything, weather it be going to a bar or club, or something else. Not really into movies though, I'm pretty busy, and don't want to spend one of my few nights off sitting in a theater for two hours. I can't say I'm looking for a relationship, just someone to hangout with, and have a good time. It's been a LONG WEEK!! If something comes of it, great, but that's not why I'm doing this at this point. I'm pretty centrally located, and am willing to travel anywhere from Concord to Portsmouth, or beyond if you have something good in mind. Not to seem shallow, but I'm more attracted shorter girls, around my age or younger, also smaller builds, curveys ok, but definatly a small build. These aren't requirements, more like preferances, if you do reply please attach a picture, I'll do the same in return. I'd of included one, but to be honest, I'm kindof embarrased to be doing this and don't want anyone I know to find out.

Hope to hear from you!! If not,,, happy hunting!

Location: portsmouth to concord

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