Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hello pretty Angel

how are you doing hope you are superfine,i just take a look at your profile,and i find it very interesting. and the photo was facinating, i couldn't get my eyes from it.. It amazed me, how could God let you go off so easily. you are an angel from heaven in my eyes. seeing you has made me believe that angel is missing somewhere in heaven.well this is a good start thing for me. i never knew that one day i would be previledged to meet the pretty face in the world. really i am impressed with your charming and irresistable profile. quite enchanting and very captivating too. It is the greatest thing to me knowing that such a pretty like you can be found online, it really makes me feel relief after taking some time t the image i see in your picture which i believe is you.... let me not go too far without you knowing my Name;My names is Rex,i am a businessman, i deal on all kind of art and craft made works, and i travel outside sometimes to different countries to Buy Arts, and bring to the UK to sell, i also own an Art and Craft Gallery where i sell them.. I am a widower and a father of a 12years old child. which i raise since i lost my dear wife in an auto crash 5years ago, i am the only child of my family, but now left alone in this whole wide world with my young Daughter, father and mother are both gone., but my father owns the business that i am running now.. i just join this dating site.i speak english and little of italian, I seek the companionship of a good and caring woman that love family for a Committed relationship,that can grow into Marriage, it is really interesting. i will really love t know you more. do you mind adding me up, my MSN is (redendoxxx//live dot com) or you can send me yours, then i can add you up. this is abit strange for me, i will really prefer to chat. i think you get to know more about the other person than just writing. i will be waiting hopefully to hear from you. have a lovely day Rex

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