Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Viewer Discretion is Advised!

Due to a set of baby blue eyes, Sculptured chin and clever personality.The following profile is for lovely ladies only.There are no Bi-products here.100% pure "Ray" grade only.I'm a Thinker, Sometimes Stinker, Tinkerer, And can use a Thickner.Ladies do not judge this book from its size or cover. I have more options than a Lexus 380 Coupe.Can I grow a garden?I can think of no where else to get fresh vegetables when preparing dinner everynight for you...Almost everynight.I didn't shave my head because I wanted to look like Mr.Clean.It just started going on vacation and not returning.Hopefully on a nice resort by the beach.I shaved my head so my ears would actually listen better and try to understand what your saying.And sometimes not saying.Remember I am not a mind reader.So communication is important.Entertain? Not only can I cook the food.I am great around in-laws, friends, friendly among other animals and great at cookouts.A nun taught me to play guitar at 6 yrs.old.I thank God she was ugly as the positions we used and the time that we spent could have sent me to Hell for sometime.Hey lets play tennis, take a walk, Take some lime and some coconut and we'll shake it all up.I'll dance with you.I won't sit on the side lines watching other guys drool over you, When I can be up there drooling on you.I'm also a handyman, I work for Boston Housing Authority where I have many adventures.Not only do I install ceramic tiles.I'm a friendly face that will have snowball fights with the local kids, Help out the elderly and basically just do what I can.I'm looking for someone who's down to earth, Is not a afraid to be a goober now and then.No games, No drama.Its about having fun.I would recommend this book to anyone.Take time and read it yourself.Say Hi!

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