Monday, August 2, 2010

subsequent - 50 (portland)

Following in time or order The last thing I want in a woman. I have read a few of the post from man looking for woman. Now i know why there are spammers . 99% are looser have not had sex in a long time because of these words lets be friend and go from there or full of shit . Me i want a woman who takes 2 hours to get ready to get coffee and then wants ice cream . Not looking for my best friend looking for a woman I lust for after a year. Me I want the woman who has problems ,exs, kids a boos she hates and loves her Dad . If you reads the list from men who tell you how great they are and woman love him and you believe him. Be with the a kiss ass you are not for me . I am that man that other woman talk about and can not understand why you are with me . I am not just looking for a date looking for a woman knows what a man needs and want and will use it to win a fight. . The only thing i know what you need to be. IS be in shape a 160 pound 5' woman can be in shape Know what you like and what you want and do not change your mind for anyone. Be fun and like yourself and like man no matter what one has done to you. I still love woman and my x hit me with a car.

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