Tuesday, August 10, 2010

thesepretzelsaremakingmethirsty - 145 (earth)

5'10" on my tippytoes 160lbs. naked,........... naked, naked,naked~ ~
GED graduate-1985~~~~University of Cunnilingus Fl. 1991
busted lip, protrudeing lower rib, various minor scars from last century - no ink (sorry, not condusive to underground exsistance) nice smile, (missing teeth are back ones)
discolered big toenails (blood was neg. for fungus, pedophile said must be from trauma.)
Tec. challenged-never done hard time-lived amoung the tree people, but never ate monkey heads.
sponge worthy

I.S.O. model type
over 30
honorable, (from now on.....)
short and light..... (like a girl I can heft)
race: yes,
love Asian but easy on the soysauce please. pepper, no salt

please choose one so I know you are not spam

A: bang me like the plane's going down then go away.

B: caress me, scratch me, rub me, spoon me all night long

Okay, you can mix em....... incl. pic. please.

...long~tender~kisses~, opposite George

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