Friday, November 26, 2010

I'm single but I'm also selling a used space heater - 27 (Manchester, NH)

So, the last girl I dated I broke up with because of the way she said the word "toast" (It sounded like "toost") and her overuse of the word "meal" ...

I'm fairly cynical, sarcastic and picky obviously Craigslist is the perfect place to post a personals ad. Did I mention I'm also delusional?

It's free - so the only thing I can lose (besides my dignity) is the five minutes it takes me to type this.

About me - my name is Allen. I have a great career, I've traveled the world (25 different countries), I'm in great shape (I ran 4 marathons in 2010), and I have almost no free time to meet people due to work and grad school.

Current/ongoing obsessions: The Office, Arcade Fire, Brand New, sushi, Steve Prefontaine, and Neutral Milk Hotel.

I'd like someone who can answer the question "What type of music do you like?" with something other than "A little bit of everything" and can properly use "too" and "to".

Reply with "Allen" in the subject line so I know you aren't just trying to sell me boner pills. If you're inquiring about the space heater then I apologize - that was just to lure you in.

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