Saturday, August 29, 2009

Let's do this. - 29 (Manchester, nh)

Date: 2009-08-29, 7:22AM EDT
About me, I am 29. I live in Manchester, work here as well. I am in shape, and do a lot to keep it that way. I would expect a woman to be in shape as well. I have many faces to my personality. The majority of the time I am a very sarcastic individual with a propensity to see the positive power in negative thinking. The rest of the faces come out with different situations, usually an adaption to my environment. Underneath it all I have a very basic set of rules and principles that are adhered to at all times. Not to confuse this with a mental disease, I believe most people use this adaption without ever recognizing it. I drink, not to excess maybe 6 a week. I usually stick to beer, dark beer with a lot of bitterness and flavor. I like my beer to match my soul. I do not ever let an emotion cloud my judgment or base any decision off of circumstantial evidence. When it comes to performing dangerous stunts, let's just say I do a lot of them, mainly on a mountain bike. What I am looking for, is a female who has a level head on their shoulders. One who can not flip out in a stressful situation. Victim mentality is a real deal breaker. One who can set and keep plans without constantly canceling them, I know life is busy and unpredictable, but when there is an excuse why you can't make every date set, then I have to believe you aren't interested. One who understands that those who win in life can contingency plan well and execute those plans with speed and precision. Preferably someone who can keep up with me on the mountain bike or kick my ass at it would be pretty impressive. Hope to hear from you.

Location: Manchester, nh

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