Friday, October 2, 2009

I just thought you should know ..... - 48

Date: 2009-09-30, 9:15PM EDT
I just thought you should know ..... I read your ad. I saw your pictures. Seriously. You really are a very attractive female. Little doubt you're one heck of a catch. I love the fact that you are a self-proclaimed "intlectual" with "a philisophical" side. I really admire the energy you have and think it's terrific that you're "constintly" on the go. I thought it was great that we share a common interest in travel. "Burmuda" really is a fantastic place to visit with seemingly endless "senic" beauty. Unfortunately, you're a lousy speller and strike me as a complete moron. Call me a Mama's Boy if you must, but I'm reasonably certain that your potential mother-in-law isn't going to be impressed with the spelling errors you'll make on the wedding invitation you'll be sure to send her.
Location: Rockingham

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