Saturday, December 19, 2009

Do you deserve a song? I'll write you one...tell me why - 26 (Plaistow)

Date: 2009-12-17, 7:31PM EST
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Hi, Have you recently watched your relationship shrivel up an die?
Have you had your heart broken by a no good rotten man?
Have you been without love for some time now?
Have you secretly prayed that you may someday meet a man who plays guitar? and who would write you a song?
I'm bored tonight, so I have picked up my guitar and am in the mood to write a bit.
I am also recently single, and a little bit bored with the home life lately.
I'm a great catch, but sometimes I lose interest in relationships, I've had a few excellent ones...and a few not so good ones...but now I'm looking for someone really special..
I'm 6'1, 200lbs, in good shape, intelligent, educated, musically inclined and waiting for someone to spike my interest!
Hope to hear from someone....look forward to writing a few songs tonight. Please put "My Song" in the title of the e-mail or it will be deleted (too many spammers out there)

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