Monday, December 7, 2009


reguarding are there any stable women out there - 45 (fitzwilliam)
Date: 2009-12-06, 6:35PM EST
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i have recieved wat to many emails from little girls up to the age of 40 you must not have read my posting i said i dont play games and im not going to deal with your head games so dont email me if your going to ask me to go to another site to log in so you can cheack my background and my past after all i am 45 and wont ask dont want to know what went on in your prior life its none of my business if you cant deal with normal life then flag me because im not intrested insecure women do not email me if you are not stable or if your 45 and act like your 17 i am a normal person and worked very hard for what i have and im not intrested in hearing from anyone thats not straight up on life doug

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