Saturday, December 19, 2009

Where are all the GOLDDIGGERS? - 47 (nh)

Date: 2009-12-18, 1:32PM EST
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I am half serious. There has got to be some 20 and 30 somethings out there that are sick of the freaking losers out there. Guys who cannot hold a job, are drinking and using drugs or are going nowhere. I am a great catch. Goodlooking and fun to be with. Very well off. I just hate meeting women that are nice but have alot of baggage and are not attractive. If you want to be pampered and spoiled and step up in life and have what you want email me and I will tell you anything you want to know. I want a younger, full of life, ATTRACTIVE woman. I am not ready to settle. Take a chance and you will not be disappointed. AND, I am not some dirty old man. I am very young looking and young at heart and DESERVE a hot woman.

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