Sunday, July 4, 2010

I need a companion,.. a partner! (Freeport to Bath)

Do you feel used, unloved, unappreciated, unwanted in your present situation?
Are you lonely? Got low self esteem? Don't like where you're at and ache for something/someone better?
Do you have SOME assets? Looks? Brains? Skills? Talents? Do you wish to escape and find a new future out there somewhere for yourself?
Are you NOT grossly overweight, (less than 220 pounds).....younger than, say, 51?
Would you like a gentlemanly, non drinking/drugging, kind of guy who has a job, works regular hours for regular pay, pays all the bills on time, and a homeowner who is non violent and not any kind of criminal, is not profane and/or abusive or inconsiderate of your feelings?
If you're younger than, say fifty one, and have a lot of good years left in you,.... and like to do things,...
write to me. My heart has a vacancy for ONE loving, honest, and trustworthy woman who is God fearing/loving and not half bad looking. I need a companion,.. a partner!
WRITE BACK TO ME! Tell me about yourself.
If you're REAL, maybe we can chat by phone?

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