Monday, July 5, 2010

"Women" please read - m4w

Why do you all have to sleep around so much? Being a slut is not a good thing. You all wonder why you have STD's and STI's. I can tell you why. Its because you all sleep around just like that recent posting where a girl met a guy with a wife or girl friend in a closet and she is asking him to cheat on her. How do you even meet someone in a closet. None of you will ever get a decent man. No self respecting good man would date a girl that doesn't know how many partners she has had, and doesn't know their names. It's pathetic. If that is all not bad enough you are all selfish, shallow, materialist and above all dishonest. I can't believe how easy you ALL find it to look a man in the eye, and deliberately lie to him. Fuck you all.

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Z said...

What is an STI?