Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ladies: Why You Haven’t Found Love Yet - 39 (Southern Maine)

You’re here looking for Mr. Right and judging by the postings that means one of two things, not counting someone stupid enough to fall for flagrant phishing from non-English speaking countries:

A) A handsome successful professional making enough money to make you feel like a upper-middle class princess.
B) A young, good looking, hip guy with tattoos and maybe a motorcycle who makes you feel cool.

Are you sensing the problem here?

A) Handsome professional guy is already with someone younger, cuter, more fit, and nicer than you.
B) Hip guy is hitting the clubs and picking up chicks cuter, more fit, and more hip than you.

Chances are you’re here because YOU ARE NOT ALL THAT. Probably you’re a little homely, a little overweight, a little trashy, a little annoying, a little past your prime, or have an excess of children.

Meanwhile guys are here because they’re a little homely, a little overweight, a little trashy, a little obnoxious, or a little poor. Me, I fall in the difficult, trashy, and poor catagories, though just a little of each.

I started checking out personals hoping to find someone special, but I knew I wasn’t going to end up with an smart, classy super-model who was going to pander to my every need and dissatisfaction. I just hoped to cast a wide enough net to meet someone whose flaws dovetailed with my own and with whom I shared a real personal connection. Say, a nice looking lady who was a little too smart and self-assertive for most guys, a sweet well rounded woman going under-appreciated for her well-rounded physique, or someone a little too young and hip for me if she weren’t in quest for a man of substance. Just enough of what I desire to reach my heart. Beyond that I don’t presume to expect some kind of alpha female.

Sadly women’s posts and responses just left me feeling like I was slumming. I am hot enough, smart enough, classy enough, educated enough that I get positive attention in the real world. I am capable of picking women up in the old fashioned way, at a social gathering, at the club or the bar, hell, even right off the street. I never liked that game, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work if I put out the effort. At least I have a sex life with some decent, good looking women I actually like, even if seems like I will never find true love.

So I’m going probably stick to the real world for now on; my stock in some of the women I’ve been seeing has gone up after reading these personals. But I always want to better the people around me, so I’m leaving this public service annoucement:

Get real.

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