Sunday, July 18, 2010

i have the hots for someone... - 36 (heartbreak hotel)

lol. you read it right. hi there ladys. so let me tell you a story. ive got the hots for this 1 particular girl, right. shes great. attractive funny, fun to be with, ya know. shes single and wants a good guy to treat her right. lets cal;l her eve. and she has a child. so she doesnt want a broke ass joker.
now my buddy, lets call him jack, knows how i feel about her. this guy goes over there and sweet talks her into a date. so now jack comes over my place and tells me this and ruibs it in my face. we went at it for a minute or so. and ill tell you why.
this guy jack. hasnt got a pot to fkn piss in. no job, no money and hes fkn ugly, really. i think so anyway.
andn thats why im getting a little aggrevated. eve doesnt need a guy like jack in her life. hes gonna soak up as much free stuuff from her as he can then leave her. im tellin ya, i know this guy.
and thats not even why im getting aggrevated. ill tell ya. its you women, like eve, who is responsible and "says she want a good guy to share good and bad times with, to grow and learn from. a guy who has a job or legal income, their own place, and a possitive outlook ion life and their own money and etc..." (all me) just to turn around and go out with a guy like jack. now in a month or so shes gonna end up telling me all the bs jack put her through. i mean, what should i do? laugh in her face for passing me up to go with some sweet talker or do i be her sucka aqnd offer my shoulder to cry on again over another wasted relationship. i think im gonna end up laughing at her this time. im done.
you women got me dizzy. i dont want to be a mean prick butn i can only hold on for so long. i am only human.
im not dizzy and dont plan on being dizzy. i know what i want and need. if there are any women who reads this and wants to chat about this or almost anything, write back. i want a ltr but everyone that does has to start with 1 e-mail, then the meet up, then the hanging out' getting to know one another, and if everything clicks bam one helluva ltr. i do have pics, yours will get mine. looking forward to hear from you, i think? lol my name is kevin and thank you for reading my ad.

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