Friday, January 21, 2011


hello everybody how are your lives. well if your on here they cant be the best cause your still looking for what can make you whole. the one thing that can complete your existance, the one thing everyone still searches for , one true love. life is way to short to let it go so if you have the chance you must just let go. let yourself fall, act like its not going to hurt. let down your guard so someone anyone has the chance to see who you really are, maybe even fall in love. a true feeling, one that only comes around once in a life time . my name is shawn and im here looking for that very thing. maybe not this very second but maybe one day if the mood is right and we are compatible. would like the chance to get to know the right person. the one of which i can be one with. if you are one that only wants a suger daddy then move on. i want a women not a girl. a women that can stand on her own two feet but will still let a man defend her honor if it were to be challanged. a woman that enjoys to sit home with a movie cuddling rather than going out drinking all night long. family is very important it must always come first no matter who you are. life is a challange so maybe if you are ready we could take those steps together. if you are interested then feel free to contact me.

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