Tuesday, August 16, 2011

no one to rush hom too can you change that? (biddeford)

well i hate coming home to my self it's not what i imagined my life would be and i am sure it's my fault after messing up time and time and time again i am a good man i just make a mistake or 2 i never cheated on anyone ever i never lied but i think i am a hard man too love i dont know why i work every day i dont drink and rarely smoke weed i am a good dad i try my best to keep my love ones happy i know i am just a man like the country son says but i still deserve to be loved ever heard the song catch a grenade for you well i would and still i cant find anyone that i like i enjoy walking the beach and playing with my son night clubs are not my thing i like watching movies at home i have a good job and my own place my own car i am good looking iam 35 iam NOT looking for a fling or one night stand so if your interested please send a pic and tell me what ur looking for please be height weight proportioned i think thats how you spell it well email me if you like 2 know more thanks for reading i will send a pic in return i am 5'8 165 lbs shaved head only because i am going bald just so you know

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