Wednesday, August 10, 2011

old fat man seeks young size 0-2 with brains :) - 42 (brewer)

I am legit why flag? If I was even in Portland this would be easy to find but north of portland it would be easier to find a pearl in a clam. I am seeking someone young enough to take time to know to be sure we right for each and be able to start a family. Start as in I have no children and will not date anyone with children. I never had the wild drunk make an ass of myself and bring others down with me attitude that so many females seem to want until they find themselves single with babies living on the dole. You may have done this or something similar and be a wonderful person now but I just do not care I do not want the mental or physical baggage. So if you are smart enough never to whored yourself out to scum and want a male with the same traits why not try me out? Be sure to make the response personal enough that it could not be spam because I dislike spam as much as dumb people

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