Thursday, August 18, 2011

totally baffled by "real man" "true love" - 44 (Brewer)

I am really just ranting because I saw another couple breaking up who had no business dating to start with and they made a baby

I do not understand all the divorced women or men or just those with children seeking these. Did you not have it, why else would you marry and or make a baby? My work tells me that 90% of the people who get divorced never should have married to begin with as they really shared nothing more then animal qaulities for the "need" to have sex. I want a real woman, but a real woman does not need to have slept with scum, made babies, or be what we from the coast call harbor hogs. They can be like real men who worked, learned what they wanted from life, learned good behaviour learned which people were not worthy of dating. Eliminating icky is the easy part finding someone fun who has morals is the hard part.

Lets be real growing up how many of us said I want to be a dumb, fat drunk, druggie slut? What ever happened to those innocent dreams being worked on to come to reality? All spam who cannot tell me the date

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