Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I probably wouldnt conform to your standards - 38 (Portland)

Date: 2010-01-05, 8:35PM EST
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Born in a Dog year and in an Earth sign... Happiness is being in the moment, and having health, teaching, peace of mind and love. Breathing is very, very good, so are flexibility and movement.
Joy and fun are found everywhere…in family, friends, work, and play; snowflakes (not so much as summer storms), the wind and the Caribbean; bears, dogs, trees and flowers; really fine Belgian waffles and fat organic bacon and fresh juice. music of all types except commercial country and rap that you cant spell crap without.
Ecstasy is connecting and becoming one. You understand what I said above, who I am, what I want.
YOU know who you are and what you want - a guy. You WANT a great guy, not NEED any old guy. You set goals and achieve what you want. You are fit, active, and intelligent. You embrace the dark as well as the light. You refuse to carry another’s emotional baggage, and yet are empathetic. You speak honestly and act with integrity. You compromise only what you do, not who you are. Me too..
Let’s connect? Your pic gets mine. It might take me more than a day to get back with you, I am not online every minute of my life. Merci, Guten Nacht, Paix, Gracious, Tu da bem

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