Thursday, January 21, 2010

I like woman

No More Mr. Nice Guy.... - 48 (NH Seacoast)
Date: 2010-01-21, 11:33AM EST
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i have run a number of ads here looking for a nice fit woman around my age for dating. I havent listed a long line of requirements, I havent criticised or complained about womans actions or behaviour. I like woman, I find them interesting and great company and prefer to have as many as possible in my circle of friends. I try to be nice and offer them an opportunity to meet that nice guy with no baggage and no game playing that they all seem to want.
The results? Zip, zero, zilch, nada, nothing but an unending email box filled with spam. Not one single woman responded to even find out if I was real or not. So now Im done with the Mr. Nice guy routine.
No more flowers, no more romance, no more caring about you, no more waiting to see if we share common interests, or if we are compatible or if there is a spark we can build on. Fuck that, all it gets you is heartache and lonliness.
From now on Ladies here is whats up. When we meet you dont get the nice dinner, the pleasure of conversation, the slow building of desire and romance between two people, the calls and texts, the laughter and fun of feeling butterflies in the stomach.
Now you get your panties pulled down, your hair pulled, your ass spanked, and my pleasure to use and abuse you the way i see fit and when im done im kicking your ass out the door until next time. Dont like it? Tough Shit, should have answered my first ad.

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