Friday, January 8, 2010

LETS START IT OFF WITH SEX-then see if you are 2012 resiliant-prepared - 42 (our great -EARTH-channel-2 and the like)

Date: 2010-01-08, 12:47AM EST
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And have a discussion from there ...nobody is with me here-nor did -I expect it. I am just saying...what the flying "fornicate" can we be prepaired to deal with if it actually happens -I tend to doubt it- but who's to say. I'm not going to bet me - or my potential kids lifes or the love of my life- on a -misconception - I am a little bit out there but If it ever transpires wouldn't you like to be the first to be in my camp if any thing -happened on the planet? would it be worth buying me another bow for my birthday-hunger is a great motavator A really nice X-bow for yourself & actually learning to shoot it?. I thought I had a real decent one..... but she is not quite there -VERY STRANGE - WORLD _ BUT WHO ON THIS PLANET would you like to deal with being prepared with me-if I was -actually decent -& had a nice place to take you & be pretty good to you -you'd best like H2O because I can swim like a seal.

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