Monday, January 11, 2010

Lost - 30 (Seacoast NH)

Date: 2010-01-11, 4:13PM EST
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I don't even really get why I am writing this here... I guess I just really need to write for the sake of writing. I don't believe you can fall in love over the internet. But hell, love in the real world sucks, so why not try something completely insane to change how I'm feeling. I'll warn you right now. I'm not good dating material at the moment. Saturday night I asked my girlfriend of four years to marry me. Life was going pretty perfect. I have a great career. I'm about to build a house. The time was right. She shocked me and everyone else and said no. She told me that we had become stale two years ago but she stuck around because she was comfortable and the sex was too good to quit. And then threw me out of our condo we were leasing because I wouldn't have a purely physical relationship with her. I really don't get you women...
So, like I said I doubt I'm dating material right now. I don't really completely know why I'm even doing this. I guess I'm just hoping to find a friend that want to help me piece me back together again. And who has no expectations on the other side... because right now I just don't know much of anything. I guess I'm still in shock. Someone out there want to prove to me that nice guys don't always finish last?

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