Wednesday, January 6, 2010

just another lousy year alone - 48 (kittery)

Date: 2010-01-06, 1:17PM EST
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o.k. ladies please let me know whats a guy suppossed 2 day.I am like a great guy and hav alot 2 offer any decent woman and ive been alone and single and searching 4 over a year i am starting to think maybe im just ugly but dont c it or ive been jinxed by a past love.never had good luk with women and am totally distraught oveer it.always get taken in the end.what my heart cant take much more.everybody elsees life seems complete and happy and here i am certainly does suk year after year.well happy new year to youall I mys well jump off a i think ill hav 2 b committed 2 an insane asylum first b cause im not lettin you bitches win!!!!!HAPPY NEW YEAR AND THANX 4 PASSIN ME BY ALL MY LIFE!!!!!!!!

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