Saturday, October 3, 2009

Got arrested, Goin to Jail, want to marry so I can hve conjugal visits - 37

Date: 2009-10-03, 3:02PM EDT
I got popped this week and it looks like I am going to have to do a little stretch in the pen. I have heard that if I am married I can have a woman come and visit me in the slammer so I would like to do this quickly. A little about me. I do not like long walks in the park. I do like Harleys and toplessness. I am not a good listener but also do not snore. No drama here just good time and good rides. What am I looking for? You should not want any kids. Preferably your tubes would be tied. I hate protection (we both know it feel better without it). You should be flexible and limber. Experimental is good but if you describe yourself as something like a "furrie" that is bad. Hit me up. I would like to try it before I buy it and I only have about a month to get this done. Pictures a plus. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Location: Walpole

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