Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hi question for you all - 47

Date: 2009-11-06, 6:17PM EST
Hi there, ..I tried this once before about 7 months ago and got 2 responses….both of them telling me that I was an A**hole because I smoked and that was too bad the rest of it (honesty, faithful, sense of humor, etc sounded pretty good)…..But was null and void because I smoked …So they gave pity upon me…and wished me well (well maybe not in so many words and mot very kindly either lol)…..So I, being ,not so dumb and all..I got on the patch an quit smoking for a while (2 days 7 hrs and 45 minutes (give or take a few) )…now I smoke even more .. oh by the way …thank you the 2 of you if you read this… & to make matters worse I like to drink on weekends and lounge out by the pool , swim in it rain or shine (there are times the rain part is actually kind of nice when rain and water are warmer than the air =) .. (so I am not that sick) and I like to have BBQ’s and a fire in the Pit. Other times watch a good movie or show or even better a good concert DVD (again I’M sorry but I like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, scorpions, etc, …I play guitar and I like their sound and style) so now that I have made most of you hit the back button to go to the next post …before you do …let me say thank you for reading=) Good luck in your search=) and get back to me if you might be curious…am I an
A) Idiot
B) Comedian
C) All of the above
D) Neither of the above
E) Other (Please explain)
F) Oh ya almost forgot…lol an A**hole
But in all seriousness have a great Day
P.S if you do respond and you don’t want me to respond back to you.. just say that at the end of your response and I will read then delete no matter what you say (unless what you say is just too funny to pass up then I will respond and give you “Kudos” )…and if your bold enough by all means please send a picture Oh and another thing I am really not interested in dating sites, or verification sites, or scams of some kind, though I know some of you will waste your time trying to send me them anyways lol …in fact I will probably get way more of them than I do real responses please put your answer A thru F in the subject line when responding so I know that you are real =) Again have a great day…
Location: Hudson

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