Sunday, November 1, 2009

Why is it so diffacult to find a Awnest, Decent Woman??? - 27

Date: 2009-11-01, 2:11PM EST
Hey its me RJ Again, I Keep Posting these ads and all I get is Bots and Hoes, what is wrong with this world?? I wounder if any one takes me for real?? Or if their not attracted to me or something like that ???
Ok O Well Then I'll Try Again Im 27 yrs old, White, pic's, not fat and healthy 6'0 Blond blues med built 165lbs Clean guy irish/american guy I Like To sky dive, Bungee Jump, Race Stock Cars, Ski/Board, water sports, I Love FootBall, GO PATS!!! Also I am a huge Yankees Fan too "We're In The World Series BABY!!!" , Awnestly I would go out a Sox fan even know I despize them but its the oldest rivalery in Base ball history and it would make it fun at games too, love to hate relationship lol but in a good way!! Like Hockey but its not what it used to be unfort. As far as Music, Im in to Rock/Rap/Alt. not a counrty Fan at all. I work for myself as a auto mechanic, body work, Car sales what ever makes a dollar, I also am a construction buff too I dont make great money, cause its been really slow as of late peoples tight on money and such "Ecconamie" go figure lol And yes,"dont have a lic for 19 more months"Its all paid just waiting out my time, But I dont exspect my g/f to drive me every where, I got rides and a Thumb lol so if u cant deal with this dont write back please, it would be really nice if a girl actaully read my ads, instead of u didnt say that in ur ad, B.S. Its here in black and white.
Typa girl Im looking for? I need a girl that has her head on her shoulders, I dont care if u have a kid but not 5 lol Im not rich and i cant support that many. I would like a girl that isnt a whore, cheater, liar, or any of the sort. Ive had my fill and it breaks my heart to think there isnt any one out there for me :( Money really doesnt matter to me so if u dont have much and think u have a chance,well by all means reply. I want a firey, passionate, warm & Caring woman that knows one thing about life "SHIT HAPPENS" all to often as Ive found so far. Im not really in to bigger women, look im 165lbs soken wet and i'd like to keep with in those ranges, not superfical but realistic. Ive Never had a complant in the bed room life, Im kinda a freak I like new things, Im not looking just for sex, or one nighters, No other men involed i dont share at all, I'm a big enough man i dont think any woman would be unhappy thats what i will tell u, lol Im sick of being hert and abused in many ways, I dont deserve that kinda punishment, I can only take so much and it really kills me inside to think there isnt one girl out there for me?? Im a really funny, caring, compassionate guy so i just want a girl that feels the same, Like i said i my other ads, IS IT TO MUCH TO ASK??? So if this sounds good? Write Me Back if u like, all i got is time on my hands
Thanks RJ
Remember Looks and money and bling-bling isnt every thing as much as people like to think it is, thats what makes this world Evil....
Location: Seacoast,Northwood,NH

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