Friday, November 27, 2009

Ten million dollar girl wanted.... - 34 (NH and RI)

Date: 2009-11-27, 8:13PM EST
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I figure a 10 million dollar girl would be a good investment, especially since most gals I meet today are worth all of about $.02. One thing I've discovered lately is that no matter how bad a girl is there's always somebody that will put up with them and they know it, especially if they're pretty. Not me,, life's too short......No, I'm not 34, but I have posted a very recent picture. I'm looking for an attractive, trim, good nature d, earthy, sensual and spiritual gal, 20’s thru 30’s, with a little Bohemian side to her who would love an LTR with a very smart, deep and unusual guy. I’m into doing things with the mind, the hands and the heart. I want to keep a simple home in the country that’s dept free but to do many, many cool and interesting things, things that are fun as well as things that are profound. Sexuality will be a big part of that as well as pushing the boundaries of the mind and soul. Who needs TV?? I’m well endowed with long endurance and you need to be very comfortable around a guys manhood. Drop me a note!

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