Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Yes, I'm serious...are you? - 24

Date: 2009-11-04, 6:32AM EST
Hello. I'm 24, autistic, I have panic attacks, I smoke and have been for a long time. I have bad teeth and can't taste and smell very well. I'm hoping you're not too much on looks and can see that even the ugly have hearts. I'm 6ft tall and 145lbs. I want to weigh 160, because some say I look gaunt. I love to sing in the car, I'm tone deaf anywhere else. I listen to hardcore, metal, screamo...that kind of stuff. I would prefer you have an interest in my music, as I do not like country and especially do not like derogatory gangster rap. An interest in art, music or winter activities is excellent. If you're some scene girl or even emo for that matter, you've got a foot in the door. I enjoy small dates, I enjoy sitting at home just as much. Coffee is a major part of my life, as well as meat. So if you're a vegetarian or that other kind, you'll probably end up hating me. I love playing videogames as all boys do. Please be okay with this. I am not looking for sex. I want to meet someone, go on a few dates, then see where we're at. Snuggling is okay. ALSO Please stop sending bullsh*t e-mails where I have to sign-up at some web site or give my credit card information. That's completely f*cking stupid and a waste of my time. People can converse via e-mail. Thank you and have an amazing day.
Location: Southern, NH

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